DEIMS-SDR (Dynamic Ecological Information Management System - Site and dataset registry) is a place where you can register your environmental monitoring facilities, data products/activities and datasets.
It allows you to export that information as Inspire EMF (http://inspire.ec.europa.eu/Themes/120/2892).


The aim of DEIMS-SDR is to be the globally most comprehensive catalogue of environmental research and monitoring facilities, featuring foremost but not exclusively information about all LTER sites on the globe and providing that information to science, politics and the public in general.

DEIMS-SDR received funding from the following projects:

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What is DEIMS-SDR?

DEIMS-SDR is a place where you can register your research site, data products/activities and datasets.

Can I join you?

Sure, just write us a messag, for example by clicking the blue "provide feedback" button on the right-hand side.

Why should I contribute something?

Because it is helping both yourself and us. Providing site information and datasets helps your site presenting yourself to the world. It makes it easier for scientists to find your site. It connects us and brings us closer to each other.

Who is maintaining DEIMS-SDR?

The servers are hosted by NERC CEH. DEIMS core was developed by US LTER, the University of New Mexico, the University of Puerto Rico, the University of Wisconsin, and Palantir.net. This fork was developed by both LTER Europe and ILTER and is currently maintained by LTER Europe/the Environment Agency Austria

What metadata formats do you provide?

Currently we are providing ISO 19115-2 North American Profile and ISO 19139 Inspire Profile, BDP, EML 2.1.1 and Inspire EMF.

Can I use the data that you store on DEIMS-SDR?

Yes, absolutely! Please contact us so we can help you. We'd love to see applications based on DEIMS-SDR and its data.

Where did you get that fantastic header image?

It was provided by Pedro Pinho. Thank you very much for providing such a lovely picture :)

And what about those icons used on the frontpage (latest updates)?

Those are INSPIRE Icons and can be found here: https://github.com/INSPIRE-MIF/INSPIRE-themes-icons