Serbia (LTER-Serbia)

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The Serbian Long Term Ecosystem Research Network – LTER Serbia was founded to bring together scientists from different fields of expertise into a coordinated long term interdisciplinary research network. As a formal member of the International LTER network (ILTER) it was established in 2008. The national network has 5 operational LTER sites that focus on evaluation and prediction of ecosystem responses (structure, function and dynamic) to environmental changes and disturbances seeking to strengthen and advance existing research and infrastructure capacities.

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Accredited Sites
Research Topics
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ecology Researched by 5 sites
terrestrial ecology Researched by 3 sites
forest ecology Researched by 3 sites
biology Researched by 3 sites
physiology Researched by 3 sites
meteorology Researched by 2 sites
ecosystem ecology Researched by 2 sites
species diversity Researched by 2 sites
climatology Researched by 2 sites
ecosystem service Researched by 2 sites
sort ascending
ecosystem measure Researched by 5 sites
ecosystem structures Researched by 3 sites
soil measure Researched by 3 sites
total carbon Researched by 3 sites
Soil PH Researched by 3 sites
species abundance measure Researched by 2 sites
biological measure Researched by 2 sites
C/N ratio of soil Researched by 2 sites
tree condition Researched by 2 sites
land use intensity Researched by 2 sites




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