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TERENO - Gimritz - Germany

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The site is located within a protcted area near Halle and due to the rain shadow of the Harz mountains the annual precipitation in this area is low compared to the general rainfall regime of Central

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Tatra National Park (Poland) - plant communities

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  • Current land cover and habitats

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GIS thematic layer of plant communities in the Tatra National Park. Overall, as many 49 non-forest plant communities were identified, in addition to approx. 17 major forest plant communities. Many of them are specific of the Tatras since associated with high sub-alpine and alpine environments.

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Arava Platform (ARV) - Israel

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A very extreme desert located with in a part of the rift vally

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Choshi Rocky Shore - Japan

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Choshi JaLTER site locate along the Pacific coast of Chiba Prefecture, Central Honshu.

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