AgrHyS Environmental Research Observatory Site of Kerbernez - France

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AgrHyS Environmental Research Observatory Site of Kerbernez

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Located in South West of Brittany, western France, the elementary catchments of Kerbernez are underlain by old bedrock and is characterised by a oceanic, humid and temperate climate and by an intensive agriculture. In every catchment, the hydrology is controlled by a shallow aquifer made of the unconsolidated weathered bedrock. The water table in the aquifer is close to the soil surface in bottom land areas of catchment. During storm event, surface runoff occurs mainly over the saturated soils of bottom lands. The Environmental Research Observatory (ERO) AgrHyS focuses on the response times of changing Agro-Hydro-Systems (defined as a catchment influenced by agricultural activity) for hydro-chemical fluxes.


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The Site of Kerbernez is specially dedicated to the study of processes related to shallow groundwater recharge, water mixing in the vadose zone, and hillslope groundwater fluxe to headwater streams in agricultural land uses

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Formerly the Kerbernez site was devoted to an agronomic study that has aimed at quantifying the crop yield and the soil evolution under variable agricultural and crop practices. A field was divided in 16 plots in 1978; each plot was cultivated with corn with organic fertilization (manure), corn with mineral fertilization, permanent meadow and rotation cereal/corn. In 1989, lysimeters were installed in another field cultivated with grassland grazed by dairy cows to quantify nitrate leaching in soil. Since 1992 nitrate and chloride concentrations were monitored at twelve locations along the stream network of the Kerbernez site. Hydrometric instruments to monitor intensively stream water and groundwater levels and chemistry were set up in 1998 in three catchments, Le Puits and two of its sub-catchments, Kerbernez and Kerrien.

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Latitude: 47.941573000000
Longitude: -4.152640000000