Argentiere glacier - France

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Argentiere glacier

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Argentiere glacier (ARG) is located in the Mont-Blanc valley (France), between 1500 and 3400 m altitude. The glacier is one of the glaciers with longest records of glacier mass balance worldwide. Data series are continuous and cover few decades.This site is also characterized by the complete glaciological parameters performed annually to complete annual and seasonnal mass balance : ice velocity, ice thickness variation, snout position.In addition, meteorological observations complete the data base. 1 weather station, running since 2006, is located on the moraine. ARG is a part of the French Glacier Observatory GLACIOCLIM/CRYOBS-CLIM.


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1 300.00ha

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All the series on Argentiere glacier (ARG) are unique and necessary for glaciological studies. They permit to calibrate models in order to determine future glacier evolution. Argentiere data are also unique to test hydrological model in the catchment. ARG has also been a site to develop and test instruments, methods and models.

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Some older data exist on this site, but series are not continuous. Mass balance series are continuous since 1973. Meteorological observation started in 2006

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Latitude: 45.944977000000
Longitude: 6.996095000000