Atlantic Forest and Lacustrine System of the middle Rio Doce - Brazil

Basic Information

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Atlantic Forest and Lacustrine System of the middle Rio Doce

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Site 4 of the LTER

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The LTER project in the middle Rio Doce watershed, Southeast Brazil, calls attention to the importance of the system (> 150 lakes) and mantaining a considerable part of the original Atlantic Forest, one of the world’s most diverse and threatened ecosystem: 260 mammals species of which 30% are protected within the Rio Doce State Park together with 325 bird species and nothing less than 7 Primates!, 20,000 plant species of which 1,129 within the Rio Doce Park. The site is located within the "Steel Valley" and surrounded by 19 municipalities which represent a considerable source of pressures together with extense Eucalyptus spp plantations, mining, exotic species and abandoned pastureland.


General Characteristics, Purpose, History

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35 970.00ha

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Function both as a Conservation Unity and a in situ laboratory. As a Conservation Unity, the site has the purpose to protect regional biodiversity and sustain important ecological processes in a highly impacted biome. As in situ laboratory, the site has the purpose to function as a case study in order to discover and study ecological processes in tropical environments, and for developing and testing management strategies.

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Latitude: -19.683300000000
Longitude: -42.550900000000