Apelsvoll - Norway

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The ExpeER site is a tile-drained 3.2 ha experimental site on loam soil representing Scandinavian inland climate zone. Six cropping systems, each with 2 replicates, are practiced on twelve 0.18 ha blocks, each equipped for volume proportional sampling of drainage discharge and surface runoff. Three systems with cash-cropping and three systems with both arable and fodder crops (both conventional and organic management). Focus : Yields and yield quality, nutrient leaching and runoff losses, food productivity versus environmental impact, pesticide drainage and runoff, economic aspects, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium balances, soil microbial biomass, insect predators, environmental indices, economic risk assessment, soil structure and earthworm populations


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Exploring long-term effects of a range of cropping systems on production related properties (e.g. yields, yield quality, food productivity, soil physics and – chemistry) and on the environment (soil biology, losses of nutrients and pesticides).


Latitude: 60.700000000000
Longitude: 10.850000000000