Sites Identifiers

ILTER National Network: Norway (LTER Norway)
Site Name Site Code
Climate-Ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra: Svalbard - Norway
Climate-Ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra: Svalbard - Svalbard/Jan Mayen
Climate-Ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra: Varanger - Norway
Climate-Ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra - Norway
NINA Aquatic Research Station, Ims - Norway LTER_EU_NO_036
Jonsvatnet - Norway LTER_EU_NO_018
Hotran - Norway LTER_EU_NO_027
Kolstad - Norway LTER_EU_NO_026
Mordre - Norway LTER_EU_NO_025
Naurstad - Norway LTER_EU_NO_031
Birkenes2 - Norway LTER_EU_NO_020
Skuterud - Norway LTER_EU_NO_024
Skas-Heigre - Norway LTER_EU_NO_029
Time - Norway LTER_EU_NO_028
Vasshaglona - Norway LTER_EU_NO_032
Volbu - Norway LTER_EU_NO_030
Lier - Norway LTER_EU_NO_035
Endalen - Norway LTER_EU_NO_016
Soelendet - Norway LTER_EU_NO_017
Langtjern - Norway LTER_EU_NO_019
Storgama - Norway LTER_EU_NO_021
Solhomfjell2 - Norway LTER_EU_NO_022
Ovre Heimdalsvatn - Norway LTER_EU_NO_023
Hobol - Norway LTER_EU_NO_034
Heia - Norway LTER_EU_NO_033
Sverdrup Research Station Ny-lesund LSF - Norway LTER_EU_NO_015
Svanhovd Environmental Centre - Norway LTER_EU_NO_014
Solhomfjell - Norway LTER_EU_NO_013
Moesvatn - Norway LTER_EU_NO_012
Lund - Norway LTER_EU_NO_011
Kaarvatn - Norway LTER_EU_NO_010
Hirkjølen - Norway LTER_EU_NO_009
Gutulia - Norway LTER_EU_NO_008
Espeland Marine Biological Station - Norway LTER_EU_NO_007
Dovrefjell/Central Scandes (Code: NO-DOV) - Norway LTER_EU_NO_006
Dividalen - Norway LTER_EU_NO_005
Boergefjell - Norway LTER_EU_NO_004
Birkenes - Norway LTER_EU_NO_003
Aamotsdalen - Norway LTER_EU_NO_002
Alpine Research Center - Finse - Norway LTER_EU_NO_001
ILTER National Network: Israel (LTER-Israel)
Site Name Site Code
Matta - Israel LTER_EU_IL_018
Negev highland - Israel LTER_EU_IL_017
Shita Wadi - Israel LTER_EU_IL_015
Karei Deshe (KRD) - Israel LTER_EU_IL_001
Gilat (GLT), LTSER Northen Negev - Israel LTER_EU_IL_003
Shagririm (SGM), LTSER Northern Negev - Israel LTER_EU_IL_010
Kdoshim (KDO) - Israel LTER_EU_IL_004
Nizzanim (NIM) - Israel LTER_EU_IL_008
Avdat (AVD) - Israel LTER_EU_IL_002
Meron (MRN) - Israel LTER_EU_IL_011
Ramat Hanadiv (RHD) - Israel LTER_EU_IL_013
Yatir (YTR), LTSER Northern Negev - Israel LTER_EU_IL_014
Park Shaked (PSK), LTSER Northern Negev - Israel LTER_EU_IL_009
Arava Platform (ARV) - Israel LTER_EU_IL_016
Adulam (ADM) - Israel LTER_EU_IL_006
Ramon (RMN) - Israel LTER_EU_IL_012
LTSER Northern Negev - Israel LTER_EU_IL_005
ILTER National Network: Germany (LTER-D)
Site Name Site Code
National Park Lower Saxony Wadden Sea - Germany LTER_EU_DE_040
Hohes Holz, Germany - Germany DE-HoH-1
Boknis Eck Time Series Station (SW Baltic Sea) - Germany LTER_EU_DE_001
TERENO - Harsleben - Germany LTER_EU_DE_038
North Sea Benthos Observatory - Germany LTER_EU_DE_036
Müggelsee - Germany LTER_EU_DE_039
Krofdorf - Germany LTER_EU_DE_037
National Park Kellerwald-Edersee - Germany LTER_EU_DE_029
Helgoland Roads - Germany LTER_EU_DE_032
TERENO Harz/Central German Lowland LTSER - Germany EXPEER-DE-01
LTER Observatory HAUSGARTEN - Germany LTER_EU_DE_028
Lange Bramke - Germany LTER_EU_DE_027
DFG_Biodiversity_Exploratory_SchwaebischeAlb - Germany LTER_EU_DE_016_003
DFG_Biodiversity_Exploratory_Schorfheide-Chorin - Germany LTER_EU_DE_016_001
DFG_Biodiversity_Exploratory_Hainich-Duen - Germany LTER_EU_DE_016_002
TERENO - Siptenfelde - Germany LTER_EU_DE_026
TERENO - Bode catchment - Germany LTER_EU_DE_025
Rhine-Main-Observatory - Germany LTER_EU_DE_018
National Park Mueritz - Germany LTER_EU_DE_017
TERENO - Bad Lauchstaedt - Germany LTER_EU_DE_019
TERENO - Gimritz - Germany LTER_EU_DE_022
TERENO - Schafstaedt - Germany LTER_EU_DE_023
TERENO - Greifenhagen - Germany LTER_EU_DE_021
TERENO - Wanzleben - Germany LTER_EU_DE_024
TERENO - Friedeburg - Germany LTER_EU_DE_020
Uckermark_Quillow_ZALF - Germany LTER_EU_DE_007
Solling - Germany LTER_EU_DE_009
National Park Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea - Germany LTER_EU_DE_006
Schorfheide-Chorin - Germany LTER_EU_DE_010
TERENO Wüstebach - Germany LTER_EU_DE_013
NP Bayerischer Wald - Germany LTER_EU_DE_015
National Park Hainich - Germany LTER_EU_DE_012
DFG Exploratories for large-scale and long-term functional biodiversity research - Germany LTER_EU_DE_016
Darss-Zingst Bodden - Germany LTER_EU_DE_004
Bornhoeved Lake District - Germany LTER_EU_DE_008
ILTER National Network: Ukraine (LTER Ukraine)
Site Name Site Code
Research station "Roztochia landscape-geophysical station" - Ukraine LTER_EU_UA_004
Research monitoring station "Petrodolinskoye" - Ukraine LTER_EU_UA_003
Marine research station "Zmiinyi ilsand" - Ukraine LTER_EU_UA_002
Ascania-Nova - Ukraine LTER_EU_UA_001
ILTER National Network: Korea Long-Term Ecological Research Committee (KLTER)
Site Name Site Code
Ecological research site of Mt. Jirisan - South Korea LTER-EAP-KR-52
Pyeongchang model forest - South Korea
Wando arboretum forest - South Korea
Ecological research site of Mt. Jumbongsan - South Korea LTER-EAP-KR-51
East Coast Fire Site - South Korea LTER-EAP-KR-10
Mt. Namsan - South Korea LTER-EAP-KR-9
Mt. Wolaksan - South Korea LTER-EAP-KR-8
Mt. Jiri - South Korea LTER-EAP-KR-6
Jeju island - South Korea LTER-EAP-KR-5
Samcheok - South Korea LTER-EAP-KR-4
Mt.Geumsan - South Korea LTER-EAP-KR-3
Gwangneung Experimental Forest - South Korea LTER-EAP-KR-2
Mt. Gyebangsan - South Korea LTER-EAP-KR-1
ILTER National Network: Switzerland (LTER-Switzerland)
Site Name Site Code
CH-SN2-PPL - Switzerland CH-SN2-PPL
CH-SN2-MDG - Switzerland CH-SN2-MDG
CH-SN2-MIN - Switzerland CH-SN2-MIN
CH-SN2-MCS - Switzerland CH-SN2-MCS
CH-SN1-CUO - Switzerland CH-SN1-CUO
CH-SN1-MCH - Switzerland
CH-SN1-MBU - Switzerland
Damma Glacier CZO - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_024
LWF Lausanne - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_010
ALPFOR - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_023
Stillberg - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_022
Alptal-Nitrogen-addition - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_021
LWF/ETH Seehornwald Davos - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_006
LWF Alptal - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_001
LWF Beatenberg - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_002
LWF/ETH Laegeren - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_019
LWF Visp - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_017
LWF Lens - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_011
LWF Othmarsingen - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_015
LWF Neunkirch - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_013
LWF Nationalpark - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_012
LWF Celerina - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_004
LWF Lantsch - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_009
LWF Jussy - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_008
LWF Vordemwald - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_018
LWF Schaenis - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_016
LWF Novaggio - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_014
LWF Isone - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_007
LWF Chironico - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_005
LWF Bettlachstock - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_003
ILTER National Network: Non-LTER
Site Name Site Code
Ehrhorn intensive monitoring site - Germany ICP Forests L II 308
Göttinger Wald intensive forest monitoring site - Germany ICP Forests L II 306
Augustendorf intensive forest monitoring site - Germany ICP Forests L II 307
Luess intensive monitoring site - Germany ICP Forests L II 301
MyDiv - Germany MyDiv
HIMADRI site Jammu & Kashmir - India 343
BEF China Main Experiment - China
Mukhrino field station of Yugra State University - Russian Federation LTER_AP_RU_001
CATIE - The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center - Costa Rica 56
Hanshagen - Germany DE_305_Hanshagen
VCU Rice Rivers Center 280 - United States of America VCU_RRC_280
D-DIRT at Reynold's Creek CZO - United States of America
Montado in Alentejo Natura 2000 sites - Portugal
Réunion National Park - France ECOPOT_FR_003
Caribbean LME - Transnational ECOPOT_TNA_004
Tatra Mountains Biosphere Reserve PL-SK - Transnational ECOPOT_TNA_003
Mediterranean LME - Transnational ECOPOT_TNA_002
Cap Corse MPA - France ECOPOT_FR_002
Pelagos Sanctuary - Transnational ECOPOT_TNA_001
Kruger National Park - South Africa ECOPOT_ZA_001
Murgia Alta - Italy ECOPOT_IT_001
La Palma Island - Spain ECOPOT_ES_001
Abisko National Park - Sweden ECOPOT_SE_001
Hardangervidda National Park - Norway ECOPOT_NO_001
Ohrid and Prespa - Macedonia ECOPOT_MK_001
Peneda-Gerês - Portugal ECOPOT_PT_001
Samaria National Park - Greece ECOPOT_GR_001
Camargue Biosphere Reserve - France ECOPOT_FR_001
Mutiscale Environmental Changes (MSEC) - Huai Ma Nai, Thailand - Thailand RBV-FR-51
Silwood Park Ecotron - United Kingdom EXPEER-UK-01
Pierroton - France EXPEER-FR-01
Höglwald Forest - Germany EXPEER-DE-02
Therwil - Thailand EXPEER-CH-02
Apelsvoll - Norway EXPEER-NO-01
Beano - Italy EXPEER-IT-03
Tetto Frati - Italy EXPEER-IT-04
Tolfa-Allumiere - Italy EXPEER-IT-02
Jena - Germany EXPEER-DE-03
Lusignan - France EXPEER-FR-05
Puechabon - France EXPEER-FR-04
Montpellier Ecotron - France EXPEER-FR-03
Hesse - France EXPEER-FR-02
Baleira / Pontevedra (ES-SNE) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_005
Monte Castrove / Pontevedra (ES-SNE) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_008
Rio Umia / Pontevedra (ES-SNE) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_009
Baixa Limia-Xurs / Ourense (ES-SNE) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_004
ILTER National Network: Brazil (LTER Program)
Site Name Site Code
BR_Baia_das_Pedras-Brazil - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_37
BR_Fazenda_Miranda-Brazil - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_36
BR_Natal_Restinga_Forest - Brazil 31
Uatumã Sustainable Development Reserve - Brazil LTER_SAM_92_300
Abrolhos Bank - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_99
Restingas and coastal lagoons of the northern Rio de Janeiro - Brazil RLaC
The Upper Paraná River Floodplain: structure and environmental process - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_06
Upwelling ecosystem of Cabo Frio (RJ) - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_22
Atlantic Forest Remnants in Goiás State - Brazil LTER_BR_JTI
North Pantanal - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_12
Parque Nacional das Emas - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_13
The Ecology of UHE Carlos Botelho (Lobo-Broa Reservoir) and its watershed, São Paulo, Brazil - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_20
Brazilian Oceanic Islands - PELD/ILOC - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_21
Central Fluminense Mosaic of Parks and Reserves (Mosaico Central Fluminense) - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_21
Cerrado ecosystems in the region of the Triângulo Mineiro and Southeast of Goiás - Brazil TMSG_BR_00
Functional Gradient of Atlantic Forest - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_999
Jaú National Park - Brazil LTER_SAM_92
Cerrado-Amazonia Transition - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_15
Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, - Brazil LTER SAM BR 19
Brazilian North Parana state Seasonal Atlantic Forest - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_MANP
AGCV: CERRADO - Brasília, APA Gama Cabeça de Veado - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_61
Lagamar - Brazil LTER_SAM_
Catimbau National Park, STDF, Caatinga - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_27
Atlantic Forest and Lacustrine System of the middle Rio Doce - Brazil Site 4 of the LTER
Araucaria Forests of Southern Brazil - Brazil Site 9 of the Brazilian LTER
Parque Nacional da Serra da Bodoquena - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_67
Patos Lagoon Estuary and Adjacent Coast - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_08
ILTER National Network: Spain (LTER-Spain)
Site Name Site Code
Ebro Delta - Spain LTER_EU_ES_028
Spanish ICP-Forest Level II Plots Network (Plot code 07Qi) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_30
The Arid Iberian South East LTSER Platform - Spain LTER_EU_ES_027
Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park - Spain LTER_EU_ES_026
Parque Natural del Montseny - Spain LTER_EU_ES_025
Sierra Nevada / Granada (ES- SNE) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_010
Spanish ICP-Forests Level II Plots Network (Plot code 115 Fs) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_024
Spanish ICP-Forests Level II Plots Network (Plot code 102 Ppr) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_023
Spanish ICP-Forests Level II Plots Network (Plot code 54 Ph) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_022
Spanish ICP-Forests Level II Plots Network (Plot code 37 Ppr) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_021
Spanish ICP-Forests Level II Plots Network (Plot code 33 Qpe) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_020
Spanish ICP-Forests Level II Plots Network (Plot code 30 Ps) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_019
Spanish ICP-Forests Level II Plots Network (Plot code 26 Qi) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_018
Spanish ICP-Forests Level II Plots Network (Plot code 25 Ph) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_017
Spanish ICP-Forests Level II Plots Network (Plot code 22 Pn) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_016
Spanish ICP-Forests Level II Plots Network (Plot code 11 Qs) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_015
Spanish ICP-Forests Level II Plots Network (Plot code 10 Ppa) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_014
Spanish ICP-Forests Level II Plots Network (Plot code 06 Qi) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_013
Spanish ICP-Forests Level II Plots Network (Plot code 05 Ps) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_012
Ordesa y Monte Perdido / Huesca ES - Spain LTER_EU_ES_011
Collserola / Barcelona (ES-SNE) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_006
Illas Atlanticas / Pontevedra (ES-SNE) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_007
Aiguestortes / Lleida (ES-SNE) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_002
Doñana Long-Term Socio-ecological Research Platform - Spain LTER_EU_ES_001
ILTER National Network: Slovakia (LTER Slovakia)
Site Name Site Code
Trnava LTSER - Slovakia LTER_EU_SK_003
Poloniny National Park LTSER - Slovakia LTER_EU_SK_010
Kralova hola - Slovakia LTER_EU_SK_009
Belianske Tatry Forests Barkbeetle - Slovakia LTER_EU_SK_008
Polana Biosphere Reserve (Hukavsky grun) - Slovakia LTER_EU_SK_005
Tatras - alpine summits - Slovakia LTER_EU_SK_007
Kremnicke vrchy Ecological Experimental Station - Slovakia LTER_EU_SK_002
Tatra National Park - Slovakia LTER_EU_SK_006
Jalovecka dolina - Slovakia LTER_EU_SK_004
Bab - Slovakia LTER_EU_SK_001
ILTER National Network: Romania (LTER Romania)
Site Name Site Code
Parâng Mountains alpine zone - Romania PAR
Făgăraș Mountains alpine zone - Romania LTER_EU_RO_FAG
Rodna Mountains alpine zone - Romania LTER_EU_RO_331
Fundata-beech - Romania LTER_EU_RO_009
Mihaesti-sessile oak - Romania LTER_EU_RO_010
Predeal-spruce - Romania LTER_EU_RO_008
Stefanesti-oak - Romania LTER_EU_RO_007
Rodnei Calimani - Romania LTER_EU_RO_005
Braila Islands - Romania LTER_EU_RO_006
Retezat Biosphere Reserve - Romania LTER_EU_RO_004
LTSER Neajlov catchment - Romania LTER_EU_RO_003
Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve - Romania LTER_EU_RO_001
Bucegi Piatra Craiului National Park - Romania LTER_EU_RO_002
ILTER National Network: Chile (LTSER Chile)
Site Name Site Code
Cape Horn Island LTER Site - Chile LTER_SAM_CL_10
Diego Ramirez LTER Site - Chile LTER_SAM_CL_09
Omora Ethnobotanical Park Cape Horn LTER - Chile LTER-SAM-CL-8
Senda Darwin Biological Station - Chile LTER-SAM-CL-6
Fray Jorge Experimental Site - Chile LTER-SAM-CL-1
ILTER National Network: Belgium (LTER-Belgium)
Site Name Site Code
Ketenisse - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_06_001
VLIZ Marine Observatory - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_10_003
Simon Stevin Research Vessel - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_10_002
Belgian coastal waters and sand bank systems - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_10
Lake Kraenepoel - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_32
Bosland - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_28
La Robinette - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_27
Waroneu - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_17
Valley of the Zwarte Beek (upper course) - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_12
Vielsalm Terrestrial Observatory - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_16
Nature Reserve Rode Forest and Laan Valley - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_30
Louvain-la-Neuve - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_26
Chimay - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_25
Ruette - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_24
Forest of Meerdaal - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_31
VLIZ Thornton Bouy - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_10_001
Tellin - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_23
Baelen - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_22
Mellier - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_21
Dochamps - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_20
FORBIO Gedinne Gouverneurs - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_15_002
FORBIO Gedinne Gribelle - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_15_001
FORBIO Gedinne - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_15
FORBIO Hechtel-Eksel - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_14
National Park Hoge Kempen - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_11
FORBIO Zedelgem - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_013
Doode Bemde - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_29
Willerzie - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_19
Baileux - La Sormone - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_18
Lonzée - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_33
Westhoek Coastal Dunes - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_09
Heathland reserve De Zoom-Kalmthoutse heide - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_08
Scheldt Estuary and its alluvial plains - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_06
Ichtegem - Wijnendale Forest - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_05
Ravels Forest - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_04
Gontrode - Aelmoeseneie Forest - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_03
Sonian Forest - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_02
Brasschaat - De Inslag - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_001
ILTER National Network: France (LTER-France)
Site Name Site Code
Col du Lac Blanc - France CZO_EU_FR_CRYOBS_22
Réseau éboulis froids - France CZO_EU_FR_CRYOBS_18
Vallon de Roche Noire - France CZO_EU_FR_CRYOBS_17
Derochoir - France CZO_EU_FR_CRYOBS_16
Aiguille du Midi - France CZO_EU_FR_CRYOBS_14
Deux Alpes - France CZO_EU_FR_CRYOBS_13
Col du Dome - France CZO_FR_EU_CRYOBS_07
Ossoue Glacier - France CZO_FR_EU_CRYOBS_06
Mera glacier - Nepal CZO_FR_EU_CRYOBS_12
Antizana glacier - Ecuador CZO_FR_EU_CRYOBS_09
Zongo Glacier - Bolivia CZO_FR_EU_CRYOBS_08
Cap Prud'Homme Site - Antarctica CZO_FR_EU_CRYOBS_11
Dome C site - Antarctica CZO_FR_EU_CRYOBS_10
Sarennes Glacier - France CZO_FR_EU_CRYOBS_05
Gebroulaz glacier - France CZO_FR_EU_CRYOBS_04
Mer de Glace Glacier - France CZO_FR_EU_CRYOBS_03
Argentiere glacier - France CZO_FR_EU_CRYOBS_02
Saint-Sorlin Glacier - France CZO_FR_EU_CRYOBS_01
Hyderabad - India CZO_EU_FR_031
Poitiers - France CZO_EU_FR_035
OTHU Yzeron experimental catchment - France CZO_EU_FR_030
Larzac - France CZO_EU_FR_032
AgrHyS Environmental Research Observatory Site of Kerbernez - France CZO_EU_FR_002
AgrHyS Environmental Research Observatory Site of Kervidy-Naizin - France CZO_EU_FR_001
LTSER Zone Atelier Territoires Uranifères - France LTER_EU_FR_013
Ploemeur - France CZO_EU_FR_034
ORACLE/BVRE Orgeval - France RBV_FR_05
Mont Lozère catchment - France RBV_FR_15
OHMCV Tourgueille catchment - France RBV_FR_14
OHMCV Valescure catchment - France RBV_FR_13
OHMCV Auzon catchment - France RBV_FR_11
BREO FdV-LSBB : Bassin de Recherche, d'Expérimentation et d'Observation de Fontaine de Vaucluse - France RBV_FR_09
MultiScale Environmental Changes Network (MSEC), Dong Cao, Vietnam - Viet Nam RBV-FR-52
MultiScale Environmental Changes Network (MSEC), Houay-Pano, Laos, - Lao RBV-FR-50
Hydrology and Geochemistry of the Amazon basin - HYBAM - France RBV_FR_20
AgrHyS Environmental Research Observatory - France RBV_FR_35
Jurassic Karst: RBV_FR_12 - France RBV_FR_12
Draix-Bleone observatory - France CZO_EU_FR_07
AMMA-CATCH Gourma Mesosite - Mali CZO_EU_FR_005
AMMA-CATCH Niamey Square Degree Mesosite - Niger CZO_EU_FR_004
AMMA-CATCH Upper Oueme Basin Mesosite - Benin CZO_EU_FR_003
Strengbach Watershed OHGE Observatoire Hydro-Géochimique de l'Environnement - France RBV_FR_10
OMERE Kamech catchment - France CZO_EU_FR_026
ObsErA - Bras-David - Maison de la Forêt - Guadeloupe CZO_EU_FR_019
ObsErA - Capesterre - Prise d'eau - Guadeloupe CZO_EU_FR_020
OMERE Roujan catchment - France CZO_EU_FR_027
BVET (India) - India RBV_FR_06
BVET (Cameroon) - Cameroon RBV_FR_05_001
Multi scalE observatory of flooD dYnamiCs and hYdrodynamicS in karSt-MEDYCYSS - France CZO_EU_FR_015
Baget karstic experimental catchment - France RBV_FR_02
Aurade Experimental Catchment - France RBV_FR_01
LTSER Zone Atelier Arc Jurassien - France LTER_EU_FR_012
LTSER Zone Atelier Antarctique - Antarctica LTER_EU_FR_011
LTSER Zone Atelier Hwange - Zimbabwe LTER_EU_FR_010
LTSER Zone Atelier Plaine et Val de Sevre - France LTER_EU_FR_009
LTSER Zone Atelier Loire - France LTER_EU_FR_008
LTSER Zone Atelier Brest Iroise - France LTER_EU_FR_007
LTSER Zone Atelier Alpes - France LTER_EU_FR_001
LTSER Zone Atelier Bassin du Rhône - France LTER_EU_FR_006
LTSER Zone Atelier Environnementale Urbaine - France LTER_EU_FR_005
LTSER Zone Atelier Bassin de la Moselle - France LTER_EU_FR_003
LTSER Zone Atelier Seine - France LTER_EU_FR_002
Valles et Coteaux de Gascogne - France LTER_EU_FR_???
LTSER Zone Atelier Armorique - France LTER_EU_FR_004
ILTER National Network: Austria (LTER-Austria)
Site Name Site Code
Hydrological Open Air Laboratory HOAL Petzenkirchen - Austria LTER_EU_AT_043
Mondsee catchment - University of Salzburg - Austria LTER_EU_AT_039_001
Landscape Lab in the Mondsee catchment - University of Salzburg - Austria LTER_EU_AT_044
Landeggkees - Austria LTER_EU_AT_023_007
Kleineiserkees - Austria LTER_EU_AT_023_006
Totenkopfkees - Austria LTER_EU_AT_023_005
Unteres Riffelkees - Austria LTER_EU_AT_023_004
Unterer Eisboden See - Austria LTER_EU_AT_023_003
Stubacher Sonnblickkees - Austria LTER_EU_AT_023_001
Ödenwinkelkees - Austria LTER_EU_AT_023_002
Hochjochferner - Austria LTER_EU_AT_042_001
Vernagtferner - Austria LTER_EU_AT_042_002
Rofental - Austria LTER_EU_AT_042
Pürgschachen Moor - Austria LTER_EU_AT_041
LTSER Neusiedler See - Seewinkel - Austria LTER_EU_AT_028
Mondsee Limnological Institute - Austria LTER_EU_AT_039
Gesäuse National Park - Austria LTER_EU_AT_005
Obergurgl - Austria LTER_EU_AT_018
Rottenhaus / Grabenegg - Austria LTER_EU_AT_038
Rosalia Lehrforst - Austria LTER_EU_AT_037
Johnsbachtal - Austria LTER_EU_AT_029_001
Stubai (combination of Neustift meadows and Kaserstattalm) - Austria LTER_EU_AT_015
Fuchsenbigl - Austria LTER_EU_AT_030
WegenerNet Feldbach Region - Austria LTER_EU_AT_029_002
Weitra (WEI) - Austria LTER_EU_AT_027
Fürstenfeld (FF) - Austria LTER_EU_AT_025
Hochwechsel (HW) - Austria LTER_EU_AT_026
Achenkirch-Mühleggerköpfl (ACH-Mue) - Austria LTER_EU_AT_024
Water Cluster Lunz - Austria LTER_EU_AT_010
GLORIA Master Site Schrankogel (AT-SCH), Stubaier Alpen - Austria LTER_EU_AT_021
LTER Zöbelboden - Austria LTER_EU_AT_003
Wilderness Area Dürrenstein - Austria LTER_EU_AT_004
Oberes Stubachtal - Austria LTER_EU_AT_023
Sonnblick Observatory - Austria LTER_EU_AT_022
Pristine Forest Rothwald (part of Dürrenstein Wilderness Area) - Austria LTER_EU_AT_004_001
Piburger See - Austria LTER_EU_AT_020
LTSER Platform Eisenwurzen (EW) - Austria LTER_EU_AT_001
LTSER Platform Tyrolean Alps (TA) - Austria LTER_EU_AT_002
Kalkalpen National Park - Austria LTER_EU_AT_008
Klimahaus Patscherkofel - Austria LTER_EU_AT_019
Kesselwandferner - Austria LTER_EU_AT_016
Jamtalferner - Austria LTER_EU_AT_014
ICP_Forests_Austria, Klausen-Leopoldsdorf (ICP_FO_AU09) - Austria LTER_EU_AT_031
ICP_Forests_Austria, Unterpullendorf (ICP_FO_AU2) - Austria LTER_EU_AT_036
ICP_Forests_Austria, Jochberg (ICP_FO_AU17) - Austria LTER_EU_AT_033
ICP_Forests_Austria, Murau (ICP_FO_AU16) - Austria LTER_EU_AT_032
ICP_Forests_Austria, Mürzzuschlag (ICP_FO_AU15) - Austria LTER_EU_AT_035
ICP_Forests_Austria, Mondsee (ICP_FO_AU11) - Austria LTER_EU_AT_034
Hochschwab (AT-HSW) GLORIA - Austria LTER_EU_AT_007
Hintereisferner - Austria LTER_EU_AT_042_003
Gossenköllesee - Austria LTER_EU_AT_012
Agricultural Research and Education Centre Raumberg-Gumpenstein - Austria LTER_EU_AT_006
ILTER National Network: Philippines (Philippines LTER)
Site Name Site Code
Mt. Apo Forest Dynamics Plot - Philippines
Mt. Kitanglad - Philippines
Southern Negros Forest Dynamics Plot - Philippines
Northern Negros Forest Dynamics Plot - Philippines
Silago Forest Dynamics Plot - Philippines
Leyte Forest Dynamics Plot - Philippines
Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve - Philippines
Bacman Forest Dynamics Plot - Philippines
Pantabangan Forest Dynamics Plot - Philippines
Palanan Forest Dynamics Plot - Philippines LTER-EAP-PH-5
Apo Island Marine Sanctuary - Philippines LTER-EAP-PH-4
Mt. Hamiguitan - Philippines LTER-EAP-PH-3
Mt. Malindang - Philippines LTER-EAP-PH-2
Mt. Musuan Ecological Research - Philippines LTER-EAP-PH-1
ILTER National Network: Italy (LTER-ITalia)
Site Name Site Code
Mar Piccolo of Taranto - Italy LTER_EU_IT_095_001
IT21 - Lake Trasimeno - Italy LTER_EU_IT_096
IT20 - Central Italy coastal dunes - Italy LTER_EU_IT_020
IT04-Mediterranean forest - Italy LTER_EU_IT_004
Gran Paradiso National Park - Italy LTER_EU_IT_109
IT23 - Gran Paradiso National Park - Italy LTER_EU_IT_108
Eastern Ligurian Sea - Italy LTER_EU_IT_107
IT15 - Ligurian Sea - Italy LTER_EU_IT_106
Alimini - Italy LTER_EU_IT_105
Acquatina - Italy LTER_EU_IT_104
IT24 - Lagoons of Salento - Italy LTER_EU_IT_103
Lake Iseo - Italy LTER_EU_IT_102
Matsch/Mazia proglacial area - Italy LTER_EU_IT_101
Saldur river - Italy LTER_EU_IT_100
Saldur River Catchment - Italy LTER_EU_IT_099
Muntatschinig/Monteschino - Italy LTER_EU_IT_098
IT25 - Val Mazia/Matschertal - Italy LTER_EU_IT_097
Tenuta di Castelporziano - Italy LTER_EU_IT_018_001
Foce Trigno-Marina di Petacciato (Campobasso) - Italy LTER_EU_IT_081
Appennino centro-meridionale: Majella-Matese - Italy LTER_EU_IT_022
LTER Lacco Ameno - Italy LTER_EU_IT_060
IT03-Forest of the Apennines - Italy LTER_EU_IT_003
Monumento Naturale Torre Flavia (Roma) - Italy LTER_EU_IT20_001_T
Lake Trasimeno - Italy LTER_EU_IT_096_001
Appennino centrale: Gran Sasso d'Italia - Italy LTER_EU_IT_021
Collelongo-Selva Piana ABR1 - Italy LTER_EU_IT_031
Mooring B: North Central Ross Sea, Joides Basin - Antarctica LTER_EU_IT_070
IT22 - Mar Piccolo of Taranto - Italy LTER_EU_IT_095
Lago Paione Superiore - Italy LTER_EU_IT_089
Lago Paione Inferiore - Italy LTER_EU_IT_088
IT18- Castelporziano Reserve - Italy LTER_EU_IT_018
IT16-Lagoon of Venice - Italy LTER_EU_IT_094
Lago Piccolo di Monticolo - Italy LTER_EU_IT_093
Lago Braies - Italy LTER_EU_IT_092
Lago Anterselva - Italy LTER_EU_IT_091
Lago di Tovel - Italy LTER_EU_IT_090
Lago di Como - Italy LTER_EU_IT_087
IT13-Gulf of Naples - Italy LTER_EU_IT_013
Macrosito Baia Terranova (MBT) - Italy LTER_EU_IT_086
Valbona - Italy LTER_EU_IT_085
Torgnon Larch forest Tronchaney (IT19 Aosta Valley) - Italy LTER_EU_IT_078
Torgnon grassland Tellinod (IT19 Aosta Valley) - Italy LTER_EU_IT_077
Cime Bianche permafrost (IT19 Aosta Valley) - Italy LTER_EU_IT_074
Mont Avic Gloria (IT19 Aosta Valley) - Italy LTER_EU_IT_073
Comune Fontainemore, Riserva Naturale Mont Mars (MARS) - Italy LTER_EU_IT_075
Istituto Scientifico Angelo Mosso (MOSSO) - Italy LTER_EU_IT_076
Foce Saccione-Bonifica Ramitelli (Campobasso) - Italy LTER_EU_IT_080
Mooring H: Central Ross Sea - Italy LTER_EU_IT_072
Mooring D: Western Ross Sea, TerraNova Bay Polynya - Italy LTER_EU_IT_071
Mooring A: Southwestern Ross Sea, Ross Island - Antarctica LTER_EU_IT_069
IT17-Antarctica Research Station - Antarctica LTER_EU_IT_017
Laguna di Venezia - Italy LTER_EU_IT_016
Marine Area of Portofino Promontory - Italy LTER_EU_IT_015
Laguna di S'Ena Arrubia - Italy LTER_EU_IT_065
Laguna di Santa Giusta - Italy LTER_EU_IT_066
Laguna di Cabras - Italy LTER_EU_IT_064
Golfo di Olbia - Italy LTER_EU_IT_063
Golfo dell'Asinara - Italy LTER_EU_IT_062
IT14-Marine ecosystems of Sardinia - Italy LTER_EU_IT_014
LTER Marechiara - Italy LTER_EU_IT_061
Transetto Senigallia-Susak - Italy LTER_EU_IT_059
Delta del Po e Costa Romagnola - Italy LTER_EU_IT_058
Golfo di Trieste - Italy LTER_EU_IT_056
Golfo di Venezia - Italy LTER_EU_IT_057
IT12-Northern Adriatic Sea - Italy LTER_EU_IT_012
Lago Piramide Inferiore - Italy LTER_EU_IT_054
Lago Piramide Superiore - Italy LTER_EU_IT_055
IT11-Himalayan Lakes - Nepal LTER_EU_IT_011
Lago Temo - Italy LTER_EU_IT_053
Lago Sos Canales - Italy LTER_EU_IT_052
Lago Monte Lerno - Italy LTER_EU_IT_051
Lago Cuga - Italy LTER_EU_IT_050
Lago Cedrino - Italy LTER_EU_IT_049
Lago Bidighinzu - Italy LTER_EU_IT_048
IT10-Lake ecosystems of Sardinia - Italy LTER_EU_IT_010
IT09-Mountain Lakes - Italy LTER_EU_IT_009
Lago di Garda - Italy LTER_EU_IT_044
IT08-Southern Alpine Lakes - Italy LTER_EU_IT_008
Valli di Comacchio - Italy LTER_EU_IT_041
Sacca di Goro - Italy LTER_EU_IT_040
IT07-Lagoons of Po River Delta - Italy LTER_EU_IT_007
IT06-Pianosa Island - Italy LTER_EU_IT_006
Bosco Fontana VEN2 - Italy LTER_EU_IT_037
IT05-Lowland Forests - Italy LTER_EU_IT_005
Appennino settentrionale - Italy LTER_EU_IT_023
IT01- Apennines - High elevation Ecosystems - Italy LTER_EU_IT_001
Montagna di Torricchio - Italy LTER_EU_IT_033
IT02-Forests of the Alps - Italy LTER_EU_IT_002
Lago Santo Parmense - Italy LTER_EU_IT_046
Lago Scuro Parmense - Italy LTER_EU_IT_047
Lago di Candia - Italy LTER_EU_IT_043
Lago di Orta - Italy LTER_EU_IT_042
Lago Maggiore - Italy LTER_EU_IT_045
Appennino centrale: Velino-Duchessa - Italy LTER_EU_IT_025
Isola di Pianosa - Italy LTER_EU_IT_039
Passo Lavaz TRE1 - Italy LTER_EU_IT_027
Colognole TOS1 - Italy LTER_EU_IT_035
Ficuzza SIC1 - Italy LTER_EU_IT_036
Monte Rufeno LAZ1 - Italy LTER_EU_IT_034
Tarvisio FRI2 - Italy LTER_EU_IT_026
Piano Limina CAL1 - Italy LTER_EU_IT_032
Val Masino LOM1 - Italy LTER_EU_IT_028
Renon BOL1 - Italy LTER_EU_IT_029
ILTER National Network: LTER Greece
Site Name Site Code
Pinios Hydrologic Observatory - Greece LTER_EU_GR_004
Lesvos Biodiversity Observatory - Greece LTER_EU_GR_005
Finokalia Atmospheric Observatory - Greece LTER_EU_GR_006
Navarino Environmental Observatory - Greece LTER_EU_GR_003
LTSER Platform Hydrologic Observatory of Athens - Greece LTER_EU_GR_002
LTSER Platform Koiliaris Critical Zone Observatory - Greece LTER_EU_GR_001
ILTER National Network: Malaysia (FRIM)
Site Name Site Code
Pasoh Research Forest Reserve - Malaysia LTER_AP_MY_01
ILTER National Network: Netherlands LTER
Site Name Site Code
LTSER Veluwe - Netherlands LTER_EU_NL_002
LTSER Dutch Wadden Sea Area - Netherlands LTER_EU_NL_001
ILTER National Network: Finland (FinLTSER)
Site Name Site Code
Pallas-Sodankylä LTER Observatory - Finland LTER_EU_FI_099
Kolari Research Unit - Finland LTER_EU_FI_021
Helsinki Metropolitan Area HMA-LTSER - Finland LTER_EU_FI_002
Värriö Research Station (Värriö LTER) - Finland LTER_EU_FI_020
Hyytiala SMEAR 2 LTER - Finland LTER_EU_FI_007
Western Gulf of Finland LTER site WelFin - Finland LTER_EU_FI_006
Bothnian Bay LTSER Platform - Finland LTER_EU_FI_001
Kevo Subarctic Research Institute (Kevo LTER) - Finland LTER_EU_FI_012
Lammi LTER, Southern Boreal Aquatic and Terrestrial Long-Term Ecological Research Area - Finland LTER_EU_FI_004
Lepsämänjoki Agricultural Watershed Area LAWA LTSER - Finland LTER_EU_FI_005
Pallas-Sodankylä LTER observatory - Finland LTER_EU_FI_019
Kilpisjärvi Biological Station (Kilpisjärvi LTER) - Finland LTER_EU_FI_015
Kilpisjärvi LTSER - Finland LTER_EU_FI_013
Oulanka Research Station (Oulanka LTER) - Finland LTER_EU_FI_018
Kuusamo LTSER - Finland LTER_EU_FI_016
Northern LTSER Platform - Finland LTER_EU_FI_008
Lake Päijänne LTER - Finland LTER_EU_FI_003
ILTER National Network: Australia (TERN)
Site Name Site Code
TERN South East Queensland Peri-urban SuperSite - Karawatha Forest - Australia TERN_KAR_AU_13
TERN Far North Queensland Rainforest SuperSite - Robson Creek - Australia TERN_ROB_AU_12
TERN - LTERN - Woodland Restoration Plot Network - Australia TERN-LTERN-WRT-AU-12
TERN - LTERN - Victorian Alpine Plot Network - Australia TERN-LTERN-VAL-AU-10
TERN - LTERN - Upland Heath Swamps Plot Network - Australia TERN-LTERN-UHS-AU-9
TERN - LTERN - Tropical Rainforest Plot Network - Australia TERN-LTERN-TRP-AU-8
TERN - LTERN - Three Parks Savanna Fire-Effects Plot Network - Australia TERN-LTERN-TPN-AU-7
TERN - LTERN - Mallee Plot Network - Australia TERN-LTERN-MLE-AU-5
TERN - LTERN - Desert Uplands Plot Network - Australia TERN-LTERN-DUP-AU-3
TERN - LTERN - Desert Ecology Plot Network - Australia TERN-LTERN-DEP-AU-2
TERN - LTERN - Connell Rainforest Plot Network - O'Reilly's - Australia TERN-LTERN-CRP-AU-1b
TERN - LTERN - Connell Rainforest Plot Network - Davies Creek - Australia TERN-LTERN-CRP-AU-1a
TERN - LTERN - Jervis Bay Booderee National Park Plot Network - Australia TERN-LTERN-JBB-AU-4
TERN - LTERN - Nanangroe Plantation Plot Network - Australia TERN-LTERN-NGR-AU-6
TERN - LTERN - Victorian Tall Eucalypt Forest Plot Network - Australia TERN-LTERN-VTE-AU-11
TERN Alice Mulga SuperSite - Australia TERN_ASM_AU_11
TERN Tumbarumba Wet Eucalypt SuperSite - Australia TERN_TUM_AU_10
TERN Cumberland Plain SuperSite - Australia TERN_CUM_AU_9
TERN Litchfield Savanna SuperSite - Australia TERN_LIT_AU_8
TERN Victorian Dry Eucalypt SuperSite - Whroo - Australia TERN_WHR_AU_7
TERN Victorian Dry Eucalypt SuperSite - Wombat - Australia TERN_WOM_AU_6
TERN Calperum Mallee SuperSite - Australia TERN_CPR_AU_5
TERN South East Queensland Peri-urban SuperSite - Samford - Australia TERN_SAM_AU_4
TERN Great Western Woodlands SuperSite - Australia TERN_GWW_AU_3
TERN Far North Queensland Rainforest SuperSite - Daintree - Australia TERN_CTR_AU_2
TERN Warra Tall Eucalypt SuperSite - Australia TERN_WRR_AU_1
ILTER National Network: United States (US LTER)
Site Name Site Code
Coweeta LTER - United States of America LTER_NAM_US_32
Konza Prairie - United States of America KNZ
Baltimore Ecosystem Study - United States of America BES
Florida Coastal Everglades - United States of America FCE
Pawnee National Grassland - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-31
Central Plains Experimental Range - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-30
Santa Barbara Coastal LTER - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-29
Plum Island Ecosystems - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-28
North Temperate Lakes LTER - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-27
Moorea Coral Reef LTER - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-25
Luquillo Long-Term Ecological Research - Puerto Rico LTER-NAM-US-24
Konza Prairie Biological Station - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-23
Kellogg Biological Station - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-22
Jornada Basin LTER (JRN) - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-21
Harvard Forest - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-20
Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-19
Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-18
Shark River Slough - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-17
Taylor Slough/Panhandle - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-16
Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-15
Central Arizona–Phoenix LTER - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-14
Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watershed - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-13
Niwot Ridge - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-12
Blue Ridge Physiographic Province - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-11
California Current Ecosystem - United States of America CCE
Gwynns Falls Watershed - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-9
Arctic Tundra LTER - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-8
McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER - Antarctica LTER-NAM-US-7
Bonanza Creek LTER - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-5
Virginia Coast Reserve LTER - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-4
H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest - United States of America LTER-AND
Sevilleta - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-2
Palmer Station LTER - United States of America PAL
ILTER National Network: Poland (LTER-Poland)
Site Name Site Code
Tatra National Park - Poland ECOPOT_PL_001
The City of Lodz LTSER - Poland LTER_EU_PL_025
The Sulejow Reservoir LTER - Poland LTER_EU_PL_026
Kampinoski National Park - Poland LTER_EU_PL_022
The UNESCO/UNEP the Pilica River Demonstration Site - Poland LTER_EU_PL_024
20 Lake Mikolajskie - Poland LTER_EU_PL_023
Zegrzynski Reservoir - Poland LTER_EU_PL_021
Wielkopolski National Park - Poland LTER_EU_PL_020
West Polesie Biosphere Reserve - Poland LTER_EU_PL_019
The Pilica River LTER - Poland LTER_EU_PL_018
Tatrzanski National Park - Poland LTER_EU_PL_017
Tarnowskie Gry - Poland LTER_EU_PL_016
Solina-Myczkowce cascade system - Poland LTER_EU_PL_015
Slowiński National Park - Poland LTER_EU_PL_014
Salmopol - Poland LTER_EU_PL_013
Roztoczanski National Park - Poland LTER_EU_PL_012
Pieninski National Park - Poland LTER_EU_PL_011
Ojcowski National Park - Poland LTER_EU_PL_010
National Park Gór Stolowych - Poland LTER_EU_PL_009
Magurski National Park - Poland LTER_EU_PL_008
Konin - Poland LTER_EU_PL_007
Katowice - Poland LTER_EU_PL_006
Karkonoski National Park - Poland LTER_EU_PL_005
Bieszczadzki National Park - Poland LTER_EU_PL_003
Bialowieza National Park - Poland LTER_EU_PL_002
Babiogórski National Park - Poland LTER_EU_PL_001
Brenna - Poland LTER_EU_PL_004
ILTER National Network: South Africa (SAEON)
Site Name Site Code
Carnarvon Experimental Farm (Biesieslaagte) - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-24
Roggeveld post-fire plots - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-23
Namaqua National Park, Skilpad Wildflower Reserve - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-22
Table Mountain Chain - South Africa .LTER-SAF-ZA-21
Baviaanskloof - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-20
Kalahari Gemsbok National Park - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-19
Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Meerkat Area - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-18
Compassberg - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-17
Goegap Nature Reserve - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-16
Wolwekraal Nature Reserve - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-15
Cathedral Peak Research Catchments - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-14
Welverdiend-South African Wildlife College - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-13
Tierberg Karoo Research Station - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-12
Jonkershoek Valley - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-11
South African Wildlife College; Tree Plots - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-5
Tsitsikamma National Park Marine Protected Area - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-3
Algoa Bay Long Term Monitoring and Research Site - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-1
ILTER National Network: Slovenia (LTER-Slovenia)
Site Name Site Code
Tratice - Slovenia LTER_EU_SI_12
Murska šuma - Slovenia LTER_EU_SI_11
Krakovski gozd - Slovenia LTER_EU_SI_10
Lontovž - Slovenia LTER_EU_SI_9
Borovec - Slovenia LTER_EU_SI_8
Brdo - Slovenia LTER_EU_SI_7
Gropajski bori - Slovenia LTER_EU_SI_6
Fondek - Slovenia LTER_EU_SI_5
Pokljuka - Slovenia LTER_EU_SI_4
Gulf of Trieste - Slovenia LTER_EU_SI_003
Cerknica Lake - Slovenia LTER_EU_SI_002_002
Postojna-Planina Cave System - Slovenia LTER_EU_SI_002_001
Škocjan Caves - Slovenia LTER_EU_SI_001_001
ILTER National Network: China (CERN)
Site Name Site Code
Puding Karst Ecosystem Research Station - China LTER_EAP_CN_43
Dongting Lake Station of Wetland Eco-system - China LTER_EAP_CN_42
Qingyuan Forest CERN, Chinese Academy of Sciences - China LTER_EAP_CN_44
Beijing Urban Ecosystem Research Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-40
Sanya Tropical Marine Boplogical Research Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-39
Jiaozhou Bay Marine Ecosystem Research Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-37
Taihu Laboratory for Lake Ecosystem Research - China LTER-EAP-CN-36
Donghu Experimental Station for Lake Ecosystem - China LTER-EAP-CN-35
Cele Desert Research Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-34
Shapotou Desert Research and Experiment Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-33
Fukang Desert Ecological Research Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-32
Ordos Sandland Ecological Research Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-31
Naiman Desertification Research Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-30
Sanjiang Plain Marsh Ecological Experimental Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-29
Haibei Research Station of Alpine Meadow Ecosystem - China LTER-EAP-CN-28
Inner Mongolia Research Station of Grassland Ecosystem - China LTER-EAP-CN-27
Shennongjia Biodiversity Research Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-26
Xishuangbanna Research Station of Tropical Forest - China LTER-EAP-CN-25
Ailao Mountain Research Station of Sub-tropical Forest Ecosystem - China LTER-EAP-CN-24
Gongga Mountain Observation and Experimental Station of Alpine Ecosystem - China LTER-EAP-CN-23
Maoxian Mountain Ecosystem Research Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-22
Heshan Mountain Integrated Experimental Station of Hilly Land - China LTER-EAP-CN-21
Dinghu Mountain Research of Forest Ecosystem - China LTER-EAP-CN-20
Huitong Research Station of Forest Ecosystem - China LTER-EAP-CN-19
Beijing Forest Ecological Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-18
Changbai Mountain Forest Ecosystem Research Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-17
Huanjiang Observation and Research Station for Karst Ecosystems,Chinese Academy of Sciences - China LTER-EAP-CN-16
Akesu Water Balance Research Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-15
Lhasa Qing-Zang (Tibet) Plateau Ecosystem Research Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-14
Linze Inland River Basin Research Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-13
Changwu Agro-Ecological Experimental Station in Loess Plateau - China LTER-EAP-CN-12
Ansai Integrated Experimental Station on Water and Soil Conservation - China LTER-EAP-CN-11
Yanting Agricultural Ecological Station on Purple Soil - China LTER-EAP-CN-10
Qianyanzhou Agricultural Experimental Station of Red Soil and Hilly Land - China LTER-EAP-CN-9
Yingtan Ecological Experimental Station of Red Soil - China LTER-EAP-CN-8
Changshu Agro-Ecological Experimental Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-7
Yucheng Comprehensive Experiment Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-6
Hailun Agricultural Ecological Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-5
Taoyuan Agricultural Ecological Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-4
Luancheng Agricultural Ecological Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-3
Fengqiu Experimental Station for Agro-ecology Chinese Academy of Sciences - China LTER-EAP-CN-2
Shenyang Experimental Station of Ecology - China LTER-EAP-CN-1
ILTER National Network: Japan (JaLTER)
Site Name Site Code
Uryu Experimental Forest - North Hokkaido Experimental Forests - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-10(3)
Teshio Experimental Forest - North Hokkaido Experimental Forests - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-10(1)
Lake Kitaura - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-57
Kaminagawa, Yamagata University Research Forest - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-56
Mt. Hakkoda Site - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-55
Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Exprimental Forest - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-54
Yamashiro Experimental Forest - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-53
Kiso River - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-50
Lake Biwa - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-49
Kanumazawa Riparian Research Forest - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-05
Deep-sea in Sagami Bay - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-19
Suou-nada and Aki-nada in Seto Inland Sea - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-18
Miyazaki University Forests - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-46
LTER Plot of Tamakyuryo - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-45
Shojin-sawa; Mt.Takahara; Tochigi - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-44
Shiiba Research Forest; Kyushu University - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-43
Reihoku Field - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-40
Ooyamazawa Riparian Forest Research Site - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-38
Tomakomai Research Site - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-37
Kiryu Experimental Watershed - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-30
Fukuroyamasawa Experimental Watershed - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-26
Kominato Rocky Shore - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-31
Kawatabi special research area of the Japanese IBP - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-29
Zaisho-daira; Kaname river; Yamagata - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-28
Ecological research site of Hinanohara - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-27
Ecological research site of Fujinitayama - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-25
Fuji Hokuroku Flux Observation Site - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-24
Choshi Rocky Shore - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-23
Ashoro Research Forest; Kyushu University - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-21
Akkeshi-ko estuary and Akkeshi Bay - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-17
Sugadaira Montane Research Center, University of Tsukuba - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-09
Wakayama Forest Research Station - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-15
Ogawa Forest Reserve - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-11
Lake Shinji and Lake Nakaumi - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-08
Lake Kasumigaura long-term monitoring station - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-06
Kagoshima Bay - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-48
Chichibu cool temperate deciduous broad-leaved natural forest - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-4
Awajishima - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-2
Otsuchi Bay - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-39
Lake Toya - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-34
The North Valley and South Valley experimental catchment; Akazu Research Forest - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-01
Tomakomai Experimental Forest - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-14
Yona Field - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-16
Takayama site - Japan LTER_EAP_JP_13
Kasuya Research Forest - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-07
Aya research site - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-3
NagauraTidalflats; Kumamoto University - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-47
Nakagawa Experimental Forest - North Hokkaido Experimental Forests - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-10(2)
ILTER National Network: Czech LTER (CZ-LTER)
Site Name Site Code
Sokolov post-mining ecosystems - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_026
Spruce forests - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_008
Beech forests - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_009
LTSER Krkonose/Karkonosze - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_006
Beskydy natural forests - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_015
South-Moravian floodplain forests - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_020
Sumava natural forests - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_005
Zofin natural forests - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_014
Vrapac-Sargoun - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_023
Trebon wet meadows - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_021
Wanang, Papua New Guinea - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_025
Rimov reservoir - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_013
Devin thermophilous woods - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_018
Mountain catchment - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_011
Altitudinal transect - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_010
Arctic-alpine tundra - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_007
Mountain spruce forests - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_004
Krivoklat forests and xeric grasslands - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_024
Certoryje-Vojsicke Louky meadows - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_022
Lednice - Horni Les - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_019
Rajec-Nemcice - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_017
Lysina & Pluhuv Bor catchments - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_016
Slapy reservoir - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_012
Šumava mires - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_002
Glacial lakes - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_003
LTSER Silva Gabreta - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_001
ILTER National Network: United Kingdom (ECN)
Site Name Site Code
Burnsmuir & the Cairngorms LTSER platform - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_077
Coneyglen Burn - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_075
Blue Lough - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_074
Conwy - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_076
Bencrom River - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_073
Beagh's Burn - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_072
Afon Gwy - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_071
Afon Hafren - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_070
Llyn Cwm Mynach - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_069
Narrator Brook - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_068
River Etherow - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_067
Burnmoor Tarn - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_066
Dargall Lane - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_065
Loch Grannoch - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_064
Round Loch of Glenhead - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_063
Loch Tinker - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_062
Loch Chon - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_061
Allt na Coire nan Con - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_060
Cairngorms National Park LTSER - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_059
Whim bog - United Kingdom EXPEER-UK-03
Plynlimon - United Kingdom EXPEER-UK-02
Owenkillew River - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_045
Nant Teyrn - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_046
Birnie Burn - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_044
Yr Wyddfa/Snowdon - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_057
Sourhope - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_053
Scoat Tarn - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_007
River Wye - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_022
River Tweed - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_033
River Stinchar - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_029
River Spey at Fochabers - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_032
River Lathkill - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_023
River Lambourn - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_041
River Garvary - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_037
River Frome - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_025
River Faughan - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_036
River Exe - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_021
River Ewe - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_043
River Esk - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_019
River Eden (Kent) - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_042
River Eden (Fife) - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_034
River Eden (Cumbria) - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_018
River Cree - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_035
River Coquet - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_020
River Coln - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_040
River Bush - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_038
River Bure - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_027
Lough Neagh - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_016
Lough Erne - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_017
Lochnagar - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_009
Loch Lomond - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_010
Loch Katrine - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_012
Llyn Llagi - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_008
Glensaugh - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_048
Cairngorms (ECN site) - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_058
Wytham - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_054
Wroxham Broad - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_003
Windermere - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_004
Upton Broad - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_001
Trout Beck - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_039
Rothamsted - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_052
Porton Down - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_056
Old Lodge - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_028
North Wyke - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_051
Moor House - Upper Teesdale - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_050
Lower River Clyde - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_030
Loch Leven - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_006
Loch Kinord - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_014
Loch Dee - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_015
Loch Davan - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_013
Hillsborough - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_049
Hickling Broad - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_002
Esthwaite Water - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_005
Drayton - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_047
Cringle Brook - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_024
Bradgate Brook - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_026
Allt a'Mharcaidh - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_031
Alice Holt - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_055
ILTER National Network: Denmark (LTER-Denmark)
Site Name Site Code
Vestskoven - Denmark LTER_EU_DK_02
Nørholm Hede - Denmark LTER_EU_DK_01
ILTER National Network: Latvia (LTER Latvia)
Site Name Site Code
River Salaca - Latvia LTER_EU_LV_005
Reservoir of Riga Hydropower Station on the River Daugava - Latvia LTER_EU_LV_004
Randu meadows - Latvia LTER_EU_LV_003
Mazsalaca Pine - Latvia LTER_EU_LV_002
LTSER Engure - Latvia LTER_EU_LV_001
ILTER National Network: Portugal (LTER Portugal)
Site Name Site Code
LTER Minho Estuary - Portugal LTER_EU_PT_011
LTER Ria de Aveiro - Portugal LTER_EU_PT_009
Herdade da Contenda - Portugal LTER_EU_PT_008
Mata de Sines - Portugal LTER_EU_PT_006
Herdade da Coitadinha - Portugal LTER_EU_PT_007
Machuqueira do Grou - Portugal LTER_EU_PT_005
Herdade da Ribeira Abaixo - Portugal LTER_EU_PT_003
Companhia das Lezírias - Portugal LTER_EU_PT_004
Baixo Sabor LTER - Portugal LTER_EU_PT_002
LTsER-Montado - Portugal LTER_EU_PT_001
ILTER National Network: Sweden (LTER Sweden)
Site Name Site Code
Skogaryd - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_019
Lönnstorp - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_020
Station Linné (LTER), Öland - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_004
Kindla, IM-site SE15 - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_001_002
Gammtratten, IM-site SE16 - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_017
Blägsjön - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_001_001
Gårdsjön, IM-site SE04 - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_012_001
Masby - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_001_003
Asko Laboratory, Himmerfjarden, Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre (LTER) - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_005
Asa Field-research Infrastructure (LTER) - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_011
Tovetorp - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_014
Svartberget field infrastructure (LTER) - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_006
Aneboda, IM-site SE14 - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_016
Vindelfjällens Research Station (Vindelfjllens forskningsstation) - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_015
Siljansfors - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_013
Ore estuary (Orefjarden), Umea Marine Sciences Centre (LTER) - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_009
Lake Gårdsjön catchment (LTER) - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_012
Tönnersjöheden and Skarhult experimental forests (LTER) - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_007
Lake Vänern (LTER) - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_008
Grimsö Wildlife Research Area (LTER) - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_003
Erken Laboratory (LTER) - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_002
Bergslagen (LTSER platform) - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_001
Abisko Scientific Research Station (LTER) - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_010
Lake Vänern landscape (LTSER) - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_021
ILTER National Network: Lithuania (LTER-Lithuania)
Site Name Site Code
Zemaitija Integrated Monitoring Station: LTER_EU_LT_006 - Lithuania LTER_EU_LT_006
Aukstaitija Integrated Monitoring Station - Lithuania LTER_EU_LT_005
Lake Druksiai - Lithuania LTER_EU_LT_003
Kamanos State Strict N. Reserve - Lithuania LTER_EU_LT_002
Cepkeliai State Strict N. Reserve and the Katra River - Lithuania LTER_EU_LT_001
Lithuanian Coastal Site (LT-04 Nagliai, Curonian Spit NP) - Lithuania LTER_EU_LT_004
ILTER National Network: Venezuela (ecored)
Site Name Site Code
Instituto de Biologica Experimental IBE Arboretum - Venezuela LTER-SAM-VE-7
Estacion de Investigaciones La Iguana - Venezuela LTER-SAM-VE-6
Estacion de Investigaciones Forestales El Merey - Venezuela LTER-SAM-VE-5
Estacion Cientifica Parupa - Venezuela LTER-SAM-VE-4
Estacion de Investigaciones Marinas - Venezuela LTER-SAM-VE-3
Estacion Biologica Rancho Grande Dr. Alberto Fernandez-Y Lopez - Venezuela LTER-SAM-VE-2
Estacion de Investigacion Caparo - Venezuela LTER-SAM-VE-1
ILTER National Network: Thailand (Thailand LTER)
Site Name Site Code
Kok Ma Watershed Research Station - Thailand LTER-EAP-TH-2
Sakaerat Environmental Research Station - Thailand LTER-EAP-TH-1
ILTER National Network: Taiwan (TERN)
Site Name Site Code
Chia-Yi branch station - Taiwan LTER-EAP-TW-9
Chi-Kuo branch station - Taiwan LTER-EAP-TW-8
Yuin Lin branch station - Taiwan LTER-EAP-TW-7
Kenting Coral Reef - Taiwan LTER-EAP-TW-6
TataChia - Taiwan LTER-EAP-TW-5
Nanjenshan - Taiwan LTER-EAP-TW-4
Yuan-yang Lake - Taiwan LTER-EAP-TW-3
Fushan - Taiwan LTER-EAP-TW-2
Kuandaushi - Taiwan LTER-EAP-TW-1
ILTER National Network: Namibia
Site Name Site Code
Gobabeb - Namibia LTER-SAF-NA-1
ILTER National Network: Mongolia (Hovsgol Ecology)
Site Name Site Code
Lake Hovsgol MLTER Site - Mongolia LTER-EAP-MN-1
ILTER National Network: Mexico (Mex-LTER)
Site Name Site Code
La Mancha Mex-LTER - Mexico LTER-NAM-MX-11
Ecosistemas Costeros Mex-LTER - Mexico LTER-NAM-MX-10
Arrecifes del Pacifico Mex-LTER - Mexico LTER-NAM-MX-9
Ecosistemas Costeros de la Peninsula de Yucatan Mex-LTER - Mexico LTER-NAM-MX-8
Los Tuxtlas Mex-LTER - Mexico LTER-NAM-MX-7
Alchichica Mex-LTER - Mexico LTER-NAM-MX-6
Manantlan Mex-LTER - Mexico LTER-NAM-MX-5
Chamela Mex-LTER - Mexico LTER-NAM-MX-4
Ecosistemas del Altiplano Mex-LTER - Mexico LTER-NAM-MX-2
Mapimi - Mexico LTER-NAM-MX-1
ILTER National Network: Malawi LTER Network
Site Name Site Code
Mulanje Mountain Conservation Area - Malawi LTER-SAF-MW-1
ILTER National Network: Costa Rica (CRLTER)
Site Name Site Code
Estacion Biologica La Selva - Costa Rica LTER-SAM-CR-3
Las Cruces Biological Station - Costa Rica LTER-SAM-CR-2
Estacion Biologica Palo Verde - Costa Rica LTER-SAM-CR-1
ILTER National Network: Serbia (LTER-Serbia)
Site Name Site Code
Derdap - Serbia LTER_EU_RS_006
Landscape of Outstanding Feature Veliko ratno ostrvo - Serbia LTER_EU_RS_013
Mt.Divcibare - Serbia LTER_EU_RS_012
Velika Morava - Serbia LTER_EU_RS_011
Tara National Park - Serbia LTER_EU_RS_010
Mt.Goc - Serbia LTER_EU_RS_009
Kopaonik National Park - Serbia LTER_EU_RS_008
Lazarev kanjon Nature Reserve - Serbia LTER_EU_RS_007
Pancevacki rit - Serbia LTER_EU_RS_005
Kosutnjak and Miljakovac (Koレutnjak and Miljakovac) - Serbia LTER_EU_RS_004
Avala and Zavojica - Serbia LTER_EU_RS_003
Koviljsko-petrovaradinski rit - Serbia LTER_EU_RS_002
Fruska gora National Park (Fruska gora National Park) - Serbia LTER_EU_RS_001
ILTER National Network: Jordan (LTER Jordan)
Site Name Site Code
SAWA Platform - Jordan LTER_EU_JO_001
ILTER National Network: Bulgaria (LTER-Bulgaria)
Site Name Site Code
Plana - Bulgaria LTER_EU_BG_009
Yundola - Bulgaria LTER_EU_BG_008
Petrohan-Ponor - Bulgaria LTER_EU_BG_005
Antarctica, Livingstone Island - Bulgaria LTER_EU_BG_001
Black Sea - Bulgaria LTER_EU_BG_003
Sozopol - Black Sea - Bulgaria LTER_EU_BG_006
Srebarna - Bulgaria LTER_EU_BG_007
Mesta River - Bulgaria LTER_EU_BG_004
Belasitsa - Bulgaria LTER_EU_BG_002
ILTER National Network: Hungary (LTER-HU)
Site Name Site Code
Kiskun Restoration Experiments, KISKUN LTER - Hungary LTER_EU_HU_015
Kis-Balaton Site, Balaton LTER - Hungary LTER_EU_HU_006
Kiskun Site Network (Jedlik), KISKUN LTER - Hungary LTER_EU_HU_013
Kiskun Forest Reserve Sites, KISKUN LTER - Hungary LTER_EU_HU_008
Varhegy Forest Reserve Site, Sikfokut LTER - Hungary LTER_EU_HU_017
Nagybugac_forest_reserve - Hungary LTER_EU_HU_011
Kozoserdo_forest_reserve - Hungary LTER_EU_HU_009
Kunpeszer_forest_reserve - Hungary LTER_EU_HU_010
Bugac-Bocsa-Orgovany Site, KISKUN LTER - Hungary LTER_EU_HU_007
LTER Fulophaza Site, KISKUN LTER - Hungary LTER_EU_HU_012
Lake Balaton LTER Site, Balaton LTER - Hungary LTER_EU_HU_005
Orgovany Site, KISKUN LTER - Hungary LTER_EU_HU_014
Balaton LTSER - Hungary LTER_EU_HU_001
VULCAN Kiskunsag, KISKUN LTER - Hungary LTER_EU_HU_016
Sikfokut LTER - Hungary LTER_EU_HU_004
ILTER National Network: Estonia (LTER-Estonia)
Site Name Site Code
West Estonian Archipelago - Estonia LTER_EU_EE_003
Vilsandi - Estonia LTER_EU_EE_002
Saarejrve - Estonia LTER_EU_EE_001