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Title Site Code Country
20 Lake Mikolajskie - Poland LTER_EU_PL_023 Poland
Aamotsdalen - Norway LTER_EU_NO_002 Norway
Abisko National Park - Sweden ECOPOT_SE_001 Sweden
Abisko Scientific Research Station (LTER) - Sweden LTER_EU_SE_010 Sweden
Abrolhos Bank - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_99 Brazil
Achenkirch-Mühleggerköpfl (ACH-Mue) - Austria LTER_EU_AT_024 Austria
Acquatina - Italy LTER_EU_IT_104 Italy
Adulam (ADM) - Israel LTER_EU_IL_006 Israel
Afon Gwy - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_071 United Kingdom
Afon Hafren - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_070 United Kingdom
AGCV: CERRADO - Brasília, APA Gama Cabeça de Veado - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_61 Brazil
AgrHyS Environmental Research Observatory - France RBV_FR_35 France
AgrHyS Environmental Research Observatory Site of Kerbernez - France CZO_EU_FR_002 France
AgrHyS Environmental Research Observatory Site of Kervidy-Naizin - France CZO_EU_FR_001 France
Agricultural Research and Education Centre Raumberg-Gumpenstein - Austria LTER_EU_AT_006 Austria
Agulhas System Climate Array - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-25 South Africa
Aiguestortes / Lleida (ES-SNE) - Spain LTER_EU_ES_002 Spain
Aiguille du Midi - France CZO_EU_FR_CRYOBS_14 France
Ailao Mountain Research Station of Sub-tropical Forest Ecosystem - China LTER-EAP-CN-24 China
Akesu Water Balance Research Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-15 China
Akkeshi-ko estuary and Akkeshi Bay - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-17 Japan
Alchichica Mex-LTER - Mexico LTER-NAM-MX-6 Mexico
Algoa Bay Long Term Monitoring and Research Site - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-1 South Africa
Alice Holt - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_055 United Kingdom
Alimini - Italy LTER_EU_IT_105 Italy
Allt a'Mharcaidh - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_031 United Kingdom
Allt na Coire nan Con - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_060 United Kingdom
ALPFOR - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_023 Switzerland
Alpine Research Center - Finse - Norway LTER_EU_NO_001 Norway
Alptal-Nitrogen-addition - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_021 Switzerland