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Title Country
TERN South East Queensland Peri-urban SuperSite - Karawatha Forest - Australia Australia
TERN South East Queensland Peri-urban SuperSite - Samford - Australia Australia
TERN Tumbarumba Wet Eucalypt SuperSite - Australia Australia
TERN Victorian Dry Eucalypt SuperSite - Whroo - Australia Australia
TERN Victorian Dry Eucalypt SuperSite - Wombat - Australia Australia
TERN Warra Tall Eucalypt SuperSite - Australia Australia
Teshio Experimental Forest - North Hokkaido Experimental Forests - Japan Japan
Tetto Frati - Italy Italy
The Arid Iberian South East LTSER Platform - Spain Spain
The City of Lodz LTSER - Poland Poland
The Ecology of UHE Carlos Botelho (Lobo-Broa Reservoir) and its watershed, São Paulo, Brazil - Brazil Brazil
The mountain station "Chornohirskiy geographical station" - Ukraine Ukraine
The North Valley and South Valley experimental catchment; Akazu Research Forest - Japan Japan
The Pilica River LTER - Poland Poland
The Sulejow Reservoir LTER - Poland Poland
The UNESCO/UNEP the Pilica River Demonstration Site - Poland Poland
The Upper Paraná River Floodplain: structure and environmental process - Brazil Brazil
Therwil - Switzerland Switzerland
Tierberg Karoo Research Station - South Africa South Africa
Time - Norway Norway
Tolfa-Allumiere - Italy Italy
Tomakomai Experimental Forest - Japan Japan
Tomakomai Research Site - Japan Japan
Tönnersjöheden and Skarhult experimental forests (LTER) - Sweden Sweden
Torgnon grassland Tellinod (IT19 Aosta Valley) - Italy Italy
Torgnon Larch forest Tronchaney (IT19 Aosta Valley) - Italy Italy
Totenkopfkees - Austria Austria
Tovetorp - Sweden Sweden
Transetto Senigallia-Susak - Italy Italy
Tratice - Slovenia Slovenia