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Title Site Code Country
Burnmoor Tarn - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_066 United Kingdom
Burnsmuir & the Cairngorms LTSER platform - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_077 United Kingdom
BVET (Cameroon) - Cameroon RBV_FR_05_001 Cameroon
BVET (India) - India RBV_FR_06 India
Cairngorms (ECN site) - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_058 United Kingdom
Cairngorms National Park LTSER - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_059 United Kingdom
California Current Ecosystem - United States of America CCE United States of America
Camargue Biosphere Reserve - France ECOPOT_FR_001 France
Cap Corse MPA - France ECOPOT_FR_002 France
Cap Prud'Homme Site - Antarctica CZO_FR_EU_CRYOBS_11 Antarctica
Cape Horn Island LTER Site - Chile LTER_SAM_CL_03(1) Chile
Caribbean LME - Transnational ECOPOT_TNA_004 Transnational
Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watershed - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-13 United States of America
Carnarvon Experimental Farm (Biesieslaagte) - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-24 South Africa
Cathedral Peak Research Catchments - South Africa LTER-SAF-ZA-14 South Africa
CATIE - The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center - Costa Rica 56 Costa Rica
Catimbau National Park, STDF, Caatinga - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_27 Brazil
Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-15 United States of America
Cele Desert Research Station - China LTER-EAP-CN-34 China
Central Arizona–Phoenix LTER - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-14 United States of America
Central Fluminense Mosaic of Parks and Reserves (Mosaico Central Fluminense) - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_21 Brazil
Central Plains Experimental Range - United States of America LTER-NAM-US-30 United States of America
Cepkeliai State Strict N. Reserve and the Katra River - Lithuania LTER_EU_LT_001 Lithuania
Cerknica Lake - Slovenia LTER_EU_SI_002_002 Slovenia
Cerrado ecosystems in the region of the Triângulo Mineiro and Southeast of Goiás - Brazil TMSG_BR_00 Brazil
Cerrado-Amazonia Transition - Brazil LTER_SAM_BR_15 Brazil
Certoryje-Vojsicke Louky meadows - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_022 Czech Republic
CH-SN1-CUO - Switzerland CH-SN1-CUO Switzerland
CH-SN1-MBU - Switzerland Switzerland