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Title Site Code Country
Cringle Brook - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_024 United Kingdom
Curonian lagoon biosphere polygon - Lithuania Lithuania
Curonian Spit National Park - Lithuania Lithuania
D-DIRT at Reynold's Creek CZO - United States of America United States of America
Damma Glacier CZO - Switzerland LTER_EU_CH_024 Switzerland
Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve - Romania LTER_EU_RO_001 Romania
Dargall Lane - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_065 United Kingdom
Darss-Zingst Bodden - Germany LTER_EU_DE_004 Germany
Deep-sea in Sagami Bay - Japan LTER-EAP-JP-19 Japan
Delta del Po e Costa Romagnola - Italy LTER_EU_IT_058 Italy
Derdap - Serbia LTER_EU_RS_006 Serbia
Derochoir - France CZO_EU_FR_CRYOBS_16 France
Deux Alpes - France CZO_EU_FR_CRYOBS_13 France
Devin thermophilous woods - Czech Republic LTER_EU_CZ_018 Czech Republic
DFG Exploratories for large-scale and long-term functional biodiversity research - Germany LTER_EU_DE_016 Germany
DFG_Biodiversity_Exploratory_Hainich-Duen - Germany LTER_EU_DE_016_002 Germany
DFG_Biodiversity_Exploratory_Schorfheide-Chorin - Germany LTER_EU_DE_016_001 Germany
DFG_Biodiversity_Exploratory_SchwaebischeAlb - Germany LTER_EU_DE_016_003 Germany
Diego Ramirez LTER Site - Chile LTER_SAM_CL_03(2) Chile
Dinghu Mountain Research of Forest Ecosystem - China LTER-EAP-CN-20 China
Dividalen - Norway LTER_EU_NO_005 Norway
Dochamps - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_20 Belgium
Dome C site - Antarctica CZO_FR_EU_CRYOBS_10 Antarctica
Doñana Long-Term Socio-ecological Research Platform - Spain LTER_EU_ES_001 Spain
Donghu Experimental Station for Lake Ecosystem - China LTER-EAP-CN-35 China
Dongting Lake Station of Wetland Eco-system - China LTER_EAP_CN_42 China
Doode Bemde - Belgium LTER_EU_BE_29 Belgium
Dovrefjell/Central Scandes (Code: NO-DOV) - Norway LTER_EU_NO_006 Norway
Draix-Bleone observatory - France CZO_EU_FR_07 France
Drayton - United Kingdom LTER_EU_UK_047 United Kingdom