Yamashiro Experimental Forest - Japan

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Yamashiro Experimental Forest

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Suburban Kyoto


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Environmental Research, CO2 flux

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Since the 6th century, the forests around the study site have been harvested heavily and then abandoned, leaving much of the ground bare until the early 20th century. Moreover, accelerated erosion rates and high storm runoffs on mobile soil at steep hill slope had prevented invasion of the site by most plants. As a result, there was probably little carbon accumulation in the soil during this period. During the early 1900s, an extensive reforestation effort using P. densiflora was carried out. This was the first broad-scale revegetation work in Japan in modern times. However, between about 1975 and 1984, most of these trees were killed by the pine wilt disease. Broadleaved species such as Q. serrata and evergreen species as I. pedunculosa that had invaded the site during the 1950s gradually became the dominant canopy species. Consequently, much of the biomass produced by P. densiflora was still present at the site in the form of CWD.

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Latitude: 34.790246000000
Longitude: 135.840893000000