Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot - Puerto Rico

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Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot

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Puerto Rico

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The Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot (LFDP), previously known as the Hurricane Recovery Plot (Zimmerman et. al. 1994) and the Luquillo long-term ecological research grid (Soil Survey 1995), is a 16-ha forest plot (SW corner 18° 20' N, 65° 49' W) located near El Verde Field Station. The plot is 500 m N-S and 320 m E-W and is divided into 400 20 x 20 m quadrats, with each quadrat sub divided into 16 5 x 5 m sub-quadrats. The field station and LFDP are in the Luquillo Mountains of northeastern Puerto Rico, approximately 35 km southeast of San Juan.


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To study species-rich communities where rare species are frequent, and to examine mechanisms promoting species diversity and coexistence.
  • LFDP-Taken by Jess Zimmerman-Luquillo LTER
    Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot


Latitude: 18.333300000000
Longitude: -65.816700000000