Bonanza Creek LTER - United States of America

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Bonanza Creek LTER

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United States of America

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The Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest (BCEF), located approximately 20 km southwest of Fairbanks, Alaska, was established in 1963 with about 3360 ha (8,300 acres) of upland, interior Alaska boreal forest. In 1969, the experimental forest was enlarged to 5053 ha (12,487 acres) to include representative floodplain forests along the Tanana River. The Forest is within the Tanana Valley State Forest, a unit managed by the Division of Forestry, State of Alaska. In 1987 the Bonanza Creek Long-Term Ecological Research program was established, with BCEF as its primary research site.


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8 423.00ha

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The Bonanza Creek LTER research program at Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest is designed to study ecosystem structure and function through examination of controls over successional processes in taiga forests of interior Alaska. This study tests hypotheses regarding the controls on ecosystem succession with study plots located in different successional stages of primary succession on the floodplain of the Tanana River, and in different stages of succession following wildfire.

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The BNZ LTER program was established to study patterns and mechanisms of boreal forest succession following fluvial and fire disturbance, and for the first few decades, our monitoring program, long-term experiments and process studies focused on state factor and interactive controls over succession, trophic dynamics and ecosystem function of floodplain and upland chronosequences.

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Latitude: 64.858480000000
Longitude: -147.846680000000