National Park Hoge Kempen - Belgium

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National Park Hoge Kempen

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The NPHK is an urbanised protected area of about 60km2 located in the Province of Limburg in the East of Belgium. The NPHK (inaugurated in 2006), located in a former coal mining area is surrounded by six municipalities with a total of about 163,500 inhabitants, equivalent to a population density of 450/km2 . The park covers a rich variety of habitats, including heathlands, deciduous forest, coniferous forest and fens and evidently the corresponding diversity of fauna and flora. Several research groups from universities and institutes are monitoring and measuring abiotic and biotic parameters throughout the different ecosystems. Research on ecosystem services are also playing a major role, including tourism and mobility.


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5 746.00ha

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The NPHK is a large protected area within a highly urbanised country. This green area of 6000ha represents several typical biomes, such as the rare but precious heathlands. Besides studying the abiotic, faunal and floral elements of this area to contribute towards sustainability and conservation management, the effects climate change has on these natural elements above and below ground are being studied. This value of this site is being studied for several ecosystem services such as C-sequestration, water quality and recreation. Moreover, this site has a very high economical value (mainly due to tourism).

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Latitude: 50.964926000000
Longitude: 5.626886000000