Black Sea - Bulgaria

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Black Sea

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Black Sea site includes three areas: cape Kaliakra, cape Galata and Varna Bay, and Koketrays Sand bank (only for macrozoobenthos). They were chosen on the base of historical data availability and eutrophication/pollution impact.Kaliakra marine area is influenced of eutrophication, caused mainly by the Danube river inflow. The local anthropogenic impact in the region is insignificant. It is a nature reserve.c. Galata and Varna Bay –the sites are under the indirect impact of Varna Bay current and the system Beloslav lake-Varna lake - an example of a cascade, introducing nutrients and pollutants of industrial (chemical industry), Thermo-electric power station, agricultural and sewage origin and nearby ports. Koketrays Sand bank – an unique benthic habitat. The coordinates of the selected areas are as follow: c. Kaliakra: 28.416667 43.366667 c. Galata: 27.933889 43.186111 Varna Bay: 28.166667 43.166667 Koketrays bank: 27.888889 42.635556


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50 894.00ha

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Marine biology and ecology studies in coastal and shelf areas, long-term monitoring, development and implementation of indices and classification of ecosystem state according to WFD and MSFD concepts.

Research Topics: 

  • cape Kaliakra
    cape Kaliakra
  • cape Galata
    cape Galata


Latitude: 43.186100000000
Longitude: 27.933900000000