Arctic-alpine tundra - Czech Republic

Basic Information

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Arctic-alpine tundra

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Czech Republic

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A unique mosaic of ecosystems of topmost summits (lichen tundra), grasslands and peat bogs of the summit plateaux (grassy tundra) and leeward slopes of glacial cirques of the Krkonose/Giant Mts (flower-rich tundra). It represents an unusual combination of Nordic, Central European and alpine organisms and their communities. It covers an area of 47 km2, i.e. 7.4% out of the whole area of the Krkonose/Giant Mts (32 km2 in the Czech part and 15 km2 in the Polish part of the Krkonose/Giant Mts).


General Characteristics, Purpose, History

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Size : 

3 500.00ha

Purpose of Site : 

Long-term inventory and monitoring of subalpine and alpine communities in an isolated island of arctic-alpine tundra in Central Europe.


Latitude: 50.766600000000
Longitude: 15.539800000000