Beech forests - Czech Republic

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Beech forests

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Czech Republic

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Alderwoods, ash-alder forests, sycamore ravine forests, beech forests with admixtures of Norvay spruce. In the past, they covered large areas of the submontane and montane belts. Today they remains survived in the Krkonoše Mts river valleys and adjacent slopes (especially at the Úpa, Labe, Jizerka, Jizera rivers and their tributaries). Significant plants are the martagon, Alpine lekk ans ramsons, spring snowflake, nine-leaved toothwort and coralwort, herb Paris, bulbous fumewort and related species Cirdalis fabacea, wood anemone and yellow wood anemone, perennial honestry, mountain shield-fern, red spleenwort and green spleenwort. Significant animals are mainly the musk beetle, long-horned beetle Oberea oculata, endemic door snail Cochlodina dubiosa corcontica, fire salamander, black stork, warblers, tits, nuthatch, black woodpecker, great spotted woodpecker, stock dove, bank vole, yellow-necked mouse, and hazel dormouse.


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