Baget karstic experimental catchment - France

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Baget karstic experimental catchment

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The Baget karstic catchment (Pyrénées, Ariège, France) is a mountain hydrosystem/ecosystem of low mountain range (Alt.= 1000 m). It is located near Balagué at 10 km West of Saint Girons. The Baget stream is a tributary of the Lez river (tributary of the Salat river which joins the Garonne river at Roquefort sur Garonne). The Baget basin (13,25 km2) drains a karstic area which is partly supplied by the discharge of the Lachein creek (specific discharge: 36 The Baget catchment is one the sites of the French SO-KARST (Service d'Observation)labellised by INSU-CNRS. It is part of the French RBV-Network and it is also a field site of the Biodiversity and Ecosytem Obersvatory network of the South West of France which belongs to the French SOERE-ECOSCOPE, a French biodiversity observatory network.


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1 325.00ha


Latitude: 42.954900000000
Longitude: 1.029410000000