AMMA-CATCH Gourma Mesosite - Mali

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AMMA-CATCH Gourma Mesosite

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The Gourma mesoscale site (Mali) is part of the AMMA-CATCH observation network. Its characteristics are as follows :a 30000 km² endoreic area in semi arid climate. The studies are dedicated to vegetation monitoring in a pastoral environment.


General Characteristics, Purpose, History

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3 000 000.00ha

Purpose of Site : 

AMMA-CATCH is an observation system dedicated to long-term monitoring of climatological, hydrological and ecological changes in West Africa. For this purpose, it gathers data from three densely instrumented sites. These three sites are located at different latitudes so as to sample the characteristic eco-climatic gradients of the region. Amma-Catch Gourma site is characteristic for the semi-arid climate.

History of Site: 

The AMMA-CATCH regional observing system was set up thanks to an incentive funding of the French Ministry of Research that allowed pooling together various pre-existing small scale observing setups. The continuity and long term perenity of the measurements are made possible by an undisrupted IRD funding since 1990 and by a continuous CNRS-INSU funding since 2005.

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Latitude: 16.000000000000
Longitude: -1.500000000000