7.1 - ILTER Required Fields for Site Documentation

Name and Description
Site Name
Site Code
Short Name
Size (in hectares)
General Site Description
Purpose of site

Contact Details
Site Contact

Metadata Details
Metadata provider

Geographic Location
Elevation (From)
Elevation (Average)
Elevation (To)

Ecosystem and Environmental Characteristics
Temperature: Average Annual
Precipitation Annual
GEO-Bon biome
Ecosystem and Land Use

Network Affiliation
LTER Member Network
Networks (in addition to / Other than ILTER)

Site Classification
Site Type (Spatial Design)
Site Classification/Category

Status and History
Site Status
Year Established

Focus, Design and Scale of Site
Research Topics
Scale of Observation
Design of Observation
Scale of Experiments
Design of Experiments

Protection Status and Resource Management
Protection Program

Infrastructure and Operation
Accessible All Year
Permanent Power Supply
Permanent Operation

Data Sharing Policy
Data Request Format
General Data Policy
Data storage location